OraHelper – An Oracle Version of the SqlHelper Class

A very long time ago, I wrote a little helper class clone of SqlHelper for Oracle which I called OraHelper. I haven’t looked at or touched the code in years, but I regularly get email asking where it’s gone to. It appears that the www.asp.net community gallery still refers to it but their link is broken. Rather than attempt to get them to fix the link, I’m posting it here.

Download OraHelper (12KB) here.

I don’t know how well this code works anymore. I’ve no Oracle database against which I can test it. I recall that one inquirer indicated that he wanted the code because he was limited to the .NET Framework 1.1. I found that rather sad to think about given how comfortable I’ve become with generics and lambdas of late.

For those of you who are doing .NET database access to Oracle, you may be helped even more by looking at Oracle’s .NET Developer Center. I can’t speak for the state of their current support. Perhaps there are readers that could post more informed comments on the subject here.