ServiceWire 1.5.0 Released

ServiceWire is a very fast and light weight service host and dynamic client library that simplifies the development and use of high performance remote procedure call (RPC) communication between .NET processes over Named Pipes or TCP/IP.

The DuoVia.Net library has progressed significantly. But everyone I work with who uses it balks at the name. So I’ve renamed it. And I like the name very much. I hope you do too. It is ServiceWire. This name more aptly describes intuitively what the library does. Hopefully this will help with adoption and participation.

I’ve laid out the documentation wiki on that site and will spend the next few days or weeks getting it completely fleshed out. The code is in a new repository and there is a new NuGet package which, with the exception of namespaces, is at perfect parity with DuoVia.Net version 1.5.0.

I’m very interested in getting your feedback on ServiceWire, the name and the library.