Friday with Dad

The snow and fog this morning worry Dad. A few words of reassurance gets him through breakfast and the ride to see Mom. He is happy to see Mom and naps a little in the recliner in her room.

He asks her several times how she is doing and wants to know when she will come home. He is visibly happy to hear her words of reassurance.

Mom is doing well. We chat. She gets up and visits the toilet. We get her laptop up and running and connected to wifi. She is reconnected with her world of friends and family.

Dad and I go home. My nephew comes to relieve me. He's a good man. He will take care of Dad while I travel back to my home for the weekend. His dad, my older brother, will join him when he gets off work.

They watch over Dad tonight and tomorrow one of my my sisters and her husband will arrive to take the weekend.

See you Monday, Dad and Mom. I love you both!